"Uncover Filthy Psychological Secrets To Quickly and Easily Win Your Ex Back 
After a Break Up, Even If Your 
Situation Seems Utterly Hopeless"

You're about to learn precisely what to say and do to gain another opportunity with your ex lover, before
its too late...Even if your position seems completely impossible!

From the desk of Morgan Hamel:

Dear Friend,

STOP!  Your window to get your ex back is closing as you read this so pay very close attention and read every word of this page if you want her back in your arms.  I'm sure you realize the true meaning of the phrase “time is of the essence,” when your whole world starts collapsing around you, and you find your girlfriend slipping away from you.  Start acting on my blueprint that teaches you how to get your ex-girlfriend back, before she takes that final step to break ties with you completely.

My methods are so full-proof that you will find her crawling back to you. If you do what I tell you to, believe me, she will be back.  Once you have gotten her back, I'll go one step further and teach you how to make her behave the way you want her to, so that she does your bidding and tries to please you in every way she can.  Then you will have her where she will never want to leave you again.  My guidelines that I lay out for you are so full-proof, that you will transform her attitude towards you and the attractiveness of you in her eyes.  Your ex-girlfriend will actually be groveling for your attention and willing to do anything you want her to!  First, let me tell you a true story:

My cell Phone Rang at 1:33am.  It was Brandon and He was crying...

Brandon was the strong one out of our circle of friends so I knew something was up.  He was not your typical cry baby.  His voice broke and he sounded tearful.  I was concerned and asked him what the problem was.  He poured out his heart to me in short, jerky sentences.  Things apparently were not going well for him and his girlfriend Tiffany for awhile now.  He noticed that she was flirting with other guys and did not call him as often as she used to. She answered his calls in a monotone demeanor and the normal joy in her voice was now reduced to a dull note.  Brandon told me his jokes were falling flat and the spontaneity they used to share was completely lacking.  Worst of all, she avoided having sex with him and this he felt, was the last straw.

Brandon proceeded to tell me that after about two months of this erratic behavior, she told him that they needed to “talk”.  He knew what she was going to tell him.  He then told me how they met over coffee and she told him that she needed space and wanted time to think things over.  His heart was shattered.  When he tried to talk her out of it, she blamed him for what had happened and began pitying him, telling him that they could still be “friends.”
I reassured him that she would come back to him and to stop worrying.  I asked him to follow my instructions.  I also warned him that instead of acting depressed, to buck up and start concentrating on how to tackle the situation when she returned to him – a pathetic, whimpering female, who would plead with him to take her back.  Brandon was skeptical but the thought of her crawling back to him gave him something to stay positive about.  

The problem with most guys is that they make the same mistake over and over again, Driving every vestige of hope that she'll return out the window.  

Several things men do actually worsen the situation.  Are you doing any of the following right now?

1.  Trying to get her to understand how much you love her and begging her to love you in return. 

2.  Pleading with her to give you a second chance to prove your worthiness.  

3.  Threatening to harm yourself to try and evoke sympathy by letting her know that you haven't been eating or sleeping since she left.  

4.  Hoping she returns because she feels sorry for you.

If you are doing any of these, stop this behavior immediately!  What if none of these 4 scenarious apply to you?  Some men start attempting to woo her back with greater passion and bombard her with flowers and messages. No amount of logical explanations with her seem to help, so they resort to using manipulative tricks such as bribery, using children as bait and some even stoop low enough to offer their ex money if she comes back.  Some men behave so desperately that they actually scare the very woman they are trying to win back!  Which role are you currently playing?

Women are emotionally bound and the sooner you realize this, the better your chances are of getting her back into your life.  She thinks with her heart and lets emotions rule her head.  Therefore, logical reasoning is not going to work on her.  When a woman walks out on you, she does not think rationally.  Her main objective is to get back at you and often times she will throw herself into another relationship very quickly.  These cases of rebound are common and since there are tons of men out there waiting for this to happen, it is in your best interest to learn how to get her back without any further delay.  

A recent email I received:


Get Her Back Now Before She Moves on to A New Guy To Have Sex With

Research indicates that women have sex with more men in their lifetime than men do with women. This is easy to understand as many women wish to prove to themselves and everyone around that they are “worth it” even if it means sleeping with several men.  Knowing that your woman is out there, trying to prove a point is enough to make you insane with worry. You have to work quickly to ensure that you bring her back into your loving arms before she carelessly sleeps with other men.  I am not trying to scare you but make no mistake, if you do not take action she WILL have sex with other men.

Women are motivated differently than men.  Their biological needs are the same, but the way in which they try to fill them has a lot to do with the way they feel and think.  They need to be cherished and loved for themselves.  When they are attracted to someone or something, their primal instinct comes to the forefront.  Men, on the other hand, think with their head and want to demonstrate their love and once the moment is over, their mind automatically switches on to the next task or problem.

Waiting For The offbeat chance that your woman will come back to you is a Catastrophic Thing To do 

I have poured over countless hours of psychological and emotional research for this guide, so that you do not lose time in getting your ex-girlfriend back from scoundrels who are waiting in line to pick up women on the rebound.  The thought of your woman sharing her bed with another man is surely driving you nuts!  Why wait for that to happen when you can spend your time quickly reading my blueprint and destroy your fears and eliminate those visual images that haunt your waking moments.

This is exactly what I explained to Brandon. I told him that he simply had to read my blueprint and within no time, he would have her back.  Only this time, she would be the one asking him to forgive her and never leave him.  She would be pleading and begging him to love her as he did before she decided to leave.  I have compiled all my knowledge into a guide called "Back In Your Arms".

Back In Your Arms Is The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Your Ex Back...Fast!



I normally counsel people over the phone and charge them nearly $150 an hour. I now think it is time to reveal my knowledge in the form of a guide, so that anyone can benefit from my research. You can have your woman dying to get back into your arms if you follow what I have outlined for you and learn to say and do things the way I ask you to.  Unlike men, women are emotionally wired.  Often times their behavior cannot be predicted as their conflicting emotions sway waywardly and they do and say things that can be rather confusing and make you feel like you can't win her back.  Luckily for you...I have cracked the code.

Delving into the nitty gritty of female behavior hasn't been easy, let me assure you.  I have poured laboriously over material analyzing different behavior patterns and found out how women react to different situations, how to change their mindsets and make them understand what you are going through.  I now know how to turn their antennae in your direction, so that they have eyes only for you and want to do everything in their power to love, serve and honor you.

Sit back and imagine this scenario:  Your girlfriend is back, subdued and tearful. She is sorry she left you and asks for forgiveness.  You have missed her so much that you are yearning to take her back in your arms, kiss her, smell her familiar scent and never let her go.  You are already planning how to spend the next few days with her.  You want to take her to bed and please her with great sex and try out new positions and techniques that will have her gasping and pleading for more.  You plan to take her out for the evening, wine and dine her and take in a movie.  Does this send the adrenalin pumping in your veins?  How close are you to getting her back?  How positive are you that she will return, never to leave you again? Are you still sitting and waiting for her?  

Every minute you spend deliberating, the further you are from being reunited with your lover  

The more time you spend wondering if you can get her back, the higher the probability that she will be lured into another man’s bed.  It's quite possible that the guy who has always envied you is seducing her right now.  Watch the hands of the clock ticking slowly but steadily as each tick is driving her into the arms of someone else.

You can take advantage of my offer to get her back with easy to follow instructions.  You do not have much time and my expertise on the subject guarantees that you will not only have her back but also have her supplicating, docile and ready to do your bidding when she returns.   You won't have to worry about her leaving you ever again as the tactics used in my blueprint make her yours to have and hold for always.

Getting her back is obviously the hurdle that needs to be overcome first, but what about going one step further and handling her correctly when she's back so that she never ever thinks of leaving you again?  Before you know it, she will take over the reins of being the boss and expecting you to toe the line.  More than likely this is what started the downfall of your relationship to begin with.  You need to be prepared to handle her correctly so that this situation does not happen and get out of hand.  You are the one who has forgiven her and taken her back, but now you should be the boss.  I will teach you to masterfully handle her the right way so that she does not try to leave you or even threaten to do so.

Being the boss of yourself prevents you from becoming her slave. You should not be the one trying to walk on eggshells around the house just to making her comfortable. She needs your loving and you are the one who will determine how to handle the penitent lover. Women are clever at manipulating your heart strings as they learn how to pull at them from the time they are infants.  If you are in this position today, it is obvious you are not familiar with the way a woman’s mind works.  I'll teach you to reverse roles so that you are in control of the relationship when she returns. 

Kudos ‘Back In Your Arms,’ on a system that has proven itself to work through my own experience.  When my ex-girlfriend and I first broke up, it felt like I was powerless and she held all the cards.  Now not only have the tables completely turned, she has also worked hard to keep our relationship strong.  My story is not unlike several couples I am sure you hear about breaking up, the only difference for me was I followed your guide and we got back together.

Randy Bruhn, Ann Arbor, MI


With the help of your rules and no nonsense guidelines, now it is her waiting by the phone for me to call and hang out again.  I am sure you hear plenty about your book, but I wanted to shoot you an email thanking you for turning my hopelessness into happiness.  I don’t have to wait by the phone anymore wondering why we broke up, because we are going out later tonight.  By the way, it was her idea!

Ken Friehauf, Chattanooga, TN.


You have to know how her psychological side works. That is why you need to get your hands on these guidelines, which clearly identify the lines you can cross and how to act. By now, you should have realized that all women do not think and behave alike.  I'd like to warn you that all the advice you get online is not what you should be reading or using.  When I read the “free” advice dished out to unsuspecting, heartbroken guys, I seethe with anger. How can you follow insane advice such as, “pursue her with flowers’ or “wear your heart on your sleeve”?  It makes me want to throw up.  This advice actually drives her away even faster!


There is a lot of information out there on the topic of "getting your ex back" that can cause more harm than good.  I know this because I have downloaded some of it out of curiosity. Most advice is written by women with the purpose of keeping your ex girlfriend in control.  These "experts" are looking out for the WOMAN'S best interests in a breakup situation, not yours. My guide is written by a man FOR a man.  Don't you deserve to be desired and the one in control?  Of course you do.  

Usually the advice you can find on the internet is based purely in fantasy with no real psychological basis.  Be rational and think clearly.  Why would you do something asinine like pleading with a woman who has walked out on you and treated you like a doormat?  You should be able to let her know how badly she has treated you and made you suffer.  This has to be done subtly so that she can never manipulate your feelings or hurt you ever again.

Learn to read between the lines when it comes to dealing with your ex.  I am qualified to help you with this because I have seduced several women into bed as well as turned them into relationships and understand how their minds work.  I have a college degree in human psychology and my passion to help others get their lover back grows by the day.  It's time for you to get your ex back on your terms, not hers!


A woman’s mind is easy to read when you know what to look for

My research has made me proud that I am able to deliver pertinent information that can apply to your love life and teach you how to be the alpha male in control of your destiny.  Doesn't it feel like she has all the power right now?  Afterall, it is you that wants her back, so therefore she holds the cards.  I will teach you to reverse roles.  I can tell you without further ado how to behave when you get your girlfriend back, even though she has been away from you for awhile.  It doesn't matter if she is involved with another guy.  You have to know how to deal with her psychologically and become a master of “female dynamics” which I will teach you.

This may come as a surprise but getting her back is the easy part.  Keeping her and knowing how to act once she is back in your life is another ball game altogether.  You cannot be the same person you were before she left you.  Now that she has come back to you on her knees, learn to be in control of the situation and play the game the way I tell you so that your girlfriend is there to stay.  My instructions are clear and easy to follow and may shock your senses as you realize many of the mistakes you have made.  I show you how to steer clear of these pitfalls and make your move with skill and a positive outlook that can work wonders in your relationship.

Once you read my blueprint and learn how to keep your girlfriend in your renewed relationship, you will thank me like others do for making life worthwhile with your lover.  You will see another aspect of life that you have never experienced before.  Estranged relationships are difficult to cement again but if you have the know-how you can make them as solid as concrete.

Start from scratch all over again, but this time enjoy the wonderful experience of getting your lover to behave exactly as you want her to.  This will make your relationship blossom and increase the love and admiration you have for each other. You will learn to see her as a new entity in your life as you start all over again with a clean slate and take it from there.  She will be remorseful of the trauma she put you through and try in every way to show you that she loves you again.  Your importance and standing in the relationship has reached a higher level and suddenly you find you are enjoying life together with renewed passion and zest.

I am of the firm opinion that when a door closes, a window opens.  Look at "Back In Your Arms" as your window to finding true happiness and love with your partner after your worst nightmare.  This time around, you will never again experience being in such a tough situation where your days and nights were all rolled in one. Enjoy every waking moment with your lover and take each day as it comes.

When my guide helps you in getting your girlfriend back and if your new relationship is what you have been wishing for yourself all these years, I hope you inform me of your success story.  I will be humbly satisfied to know that my years of research and hands-on experience in matters relating to the heart has worked for you.  My aim in life is to share what I have learned.  I know that you will add your testimony to my growing list and let the world share your ecstasy as you hold your lover protectively in your arms again.

You can share the good news with others and tell them how to get my guide if they ever get themselves into a similar situation.  Victory is sweet and happiness is yours when true love triumphs! 

Morgan!  I can finally be enthusiastic again!  Great work on putting together a fast set of tools to get my ex back when I thought my box was completely empty.  I really admired the way you laid it out so there was no confusion, and giving me a warning of what to expect from her.  (This was most valuable for me)  

When you break up you can’t help but feel alone in the world, but this book was not only my best friend in the process, it became my relationship savior.

Chris Leyland, Austin, TX.

Here are some of the extremely powerful golden nuggets you will find inside:

 The first thing you should immediately do after a breakup.

The 3 nagging emotions that you can make her feel to make her wonder about you again!

How to react if your ex has a new boyfriend and what to do if you run into them together.

Tactics to "reboot your mind" so that you are in the proper headspace to get her back.

How you can use social networks like Facebook & Twitter to make her regret leaving you and peak her interest level again.

Exposed!  How attraction really works and what women really want.  Don't believe what they tell you!

Your best friend after a breakup. (It's not what you think)

Revealed!  A timetable of when you should and should not talk to your ex after a breakup.  Ignore this and your efforts are dead in the water!

The 5 non-appealing traits that drove your woman away.  Don't you dare make these same mistakes when you are trying to get her back.

How to destroy feelings of desperation and loneliness.

How to use "kino touch" to gauge her interest level again.

Using the _____  _____  _____ angle to completely confuse her and turn the tables in your favor.

How to parlay your alpha male traits into explosive makeup sex!

Discover the 3 most appealing traits a man can have.  Master these and watch her beg you back.

...And Much More!

Q:  Does this really work? 
A:  In a word, yes!  "Back In Your Arms" is based upon tapping into deep rooted psychological principles that are hard wired in the female brain.  By knowing what triggers to activate you can overwhelmingly improve your chances of winning her back.  
Q:  Your guide boasts an 81% success rate.  Why is it not 100%?   
A:  I would love nothing more than to guarantee you a 100% success rate but that would be dishonest.  Then I would be similar to a sleazy used car salesman.  The truth of the matter is every situation is different and it is impossible to have perfect results in all scenarios.  
That being said, the 81% comes from a series of very satisfied customers surveyed thirty to sixty days after purchasing.  We hope your success improves our average.  I'm so confident in my guide that I also provide a 60 day money back guarantee.  You either get your ex back or get your money back so you can't lose! 
Q:  What if my situation is long distance?  Will it still work?  
A:  Absolutely.  What is laid out in the guide is not dependent upon your location or proximity to your ex.  
Q:  What if my ex is already with another guy?  Is it still possible to get her back?  
A:  Yes!  The techniques revealed are sometimes even more effective when your ex has entered into a rebound relationship.  Even if her current situation is not what you consider a 'rebound' I will guide you by the hand so that you win her back.   
Q:  I'm embarrased to buy this because I don't want this showing up on my credit card bill.   
A:  Your privacy is everything to us.  The only people who will know you have purchased are you and us and we keep it that way.  Your bill will say "click*bank" to provide you total privacy in this time of stress and sadness.  
Q:  Is ordering with you safe and secure?  
A:  Without a doubt.  My payment processer is Clickbank, the most respected and trusted ecommerce site on the planet.  


What about when you finally get your ex back and want to keep her around this time?  Back In Your Arms goes one step further and explains the fundamental philosophies on attraction and more importantly, how to make your “new” relationship with her last this time around.  It delves into advanced female psychology and the hidden triggers to make a relationship work.  

The 5 level boundary hierarchy so you know when you should and shouldn't put your foot down.  Get her to never disrespect you again!

How to quell her negative habits when you have her back so she treats you like a king.

Revealed!  The 3 things women want in a relationship.  Provide her these three things and you will have your girl for life.

Dynamite date ideas for when you get her back in your arms!

Warning signals to look out for that another breakup is coming.  Knowing the signs allows you to prevent it from happening.

Face to face after the breakup.  What you should and should not do under any circumstances!

Discover how to kickstart your style for a suave and debonair look.

The 7 killer qualities of an attractive male.  Adopt these and watch girls flock to you, starting with your ex!

What women want more than money. (Hint:  It's not fame or good looks)

...And Much More!

Back In Your Arms is chock full of sneaky psychological tips, seduction techniques and cutting edge tactics jam-packed into a two part ebook to get her running back to you!  It's over 100 pages of dynamite content that women wish you didn't know!

The guide is 100% online which means we send nothing to your home and your payment is completely private.  The only people who'll know you've purchased are you and us and we keep it that way!  I've also got one more surprise up my sleeve:  


I understand that you are probably a busy man so if you take advantage of this offer today, I am also going to include the Back In Your Arms Cheatsheet!  I have broken down some of the key reminders you must follow to have as a quick little reference.  It is the perfect compliment to the Back In Your Arms guide.  Think of it as someone already taking notes for you.  You can print it out to keep it with you or have it laying around for easy access!

Studies have shown time and time again that the longer you wait the less likely it is that you will get your ex back.  Do you want to spend tonight like the one before it, full of immense pain and sadness only to remain alone when she doesn't magically show up at your doorstep? 

Or would you rather start right away (I mean as soon as tonight) enjoying the thrill and excitement of having your ex girlfriend automatically drawn back to you like a tractor beam... 

You have nothing to lose with our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!  Either you experience the love and satisfaction of getting your ex back or you get all of your money back...no questions asked!

Let's get your ex girlfriend back in your arms where she belongs...


Yes!  I want to have my Ex-Girlfriend back in my arms NOW before it's too late!

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We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and you're only seconds away from learning how to get your ex back with you. But you need to take action to make it happen. Order Now and instantly secure your copy. 


"Back In Your Arms" is great!  Your guide was just the kick in the butt I needed to get out of bed and get the girl I love back.  I didn’t want to work, I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to sleep.  All I wanted to do was cry or think about my ex-girlfriend.  Browsing the internet in my depression, I came across your guide and became one of your many success stories. 

I am here to proudly announce not only are we back together, but everything you said worked faster than I could have ever imagined.  I sincerely thank you.

Dave Hitchcock, Mobile, AL.

Kind Regards,

Morgan Hamel

P.S.  You can rest assured that getting this information is 100% private and discreet.  You're literally just a couple easy mouse clicks away from gaining access to a guide that really works. I'm so confident in the effectiveness of my methods that I guarantee you will get your ex back or I give you all of your money back.  Do you want to stumble around hoping she magically comes back or would you rather possess the tried-and-tested proven strategies to drive her to you?

P.P.S.  What are you doing all the way down here?  Your relationship-salvaging moment could literally be 2 minutes away if you take action now before the price goes up or this offer is removed completely.  Let's DESTROY all your suffering, depression, and loneliness and win your ex back so you can return to living a rich life with her full of love, togetherness and happiness. The choice is yours. 

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